Green Building Certification

Green building certification is highly sought after for two main reasons: a certification communicates a building owner’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship in a clear and understandable way to the public, and because it is a simple way for the building owner to specify they want a “green” building without having to define the construction and energy use metric themselves.

Although certification is not the only reason building owners decide to optimize their facilities energy performance, it is an important factor to get certified. Through state-of-the-art sustainability modelling and highly-trained staff, we ensure that our staff is working closely with the client to provide upfront options as to getting certified, which certifying body best fits that specific client, and how to attain the certification.

With LEED and BOMA professionals on staff, 3D can integrate both certifications design requirements and other sustainable design strategies into the construction process. Beginning with conceptual design, all the way through construction to operations and maintenance, 3D is able to provide the sustainable design guidance integrated into all major environmental certifying bodies to optimize energy and environmental performance.

3D Energy will work with clients to ensure certification with:

  • LEED
  • Green Globes
  • NGBS