Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is the key component of the 3D Energy toolbox, and we use it at every stage of the building’s life cycle be it conceptual design, energy code compliance review, measurement & verification, or energy auditing.

The energy model allows us to virtually test and quickly compare different design approaches and optimize the energy performance of the building. This optimization can be set to minimize energy use, life-cycle cost, operational cost, greenhouse gas emissions, or any combination of these factors as desired by the client.

Energy modeling is an iterative process, and we work with the design team by providing feedback throughout every design stage. Starting at the conceptual stage, we use energy modeling to ensure the performance intent and the design are compatible—if not, we provide feedback to the design team so that the building’s final envelope, mechanical, and electrical systems are all selected to meet the stated goals.

3D ensures that all energy models are calibrated to align with the current occupancy and energy usage of the building. This will provide an accurate picture of not only the building as a stand-alone structure, but as well as the building in its actual usage. Accurate energy modeling is crucial in the process of energy auditing, green building certification, and energy code compliance. It is therefore necessary that experienced modellers, equipped with the appropriate software, are utilized for this process.