EnerGuide for Homes: Spot the Difference

The City of Edmonton has introduced an innovative new EnerGuide program in an effort to help reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions. Residential buildings currently account for 20% of Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions and the City has set a goal to reduce it’s overall emission output to 35% below 2005 levels by 2035. To help with this, the City has created the EnerGuide for Homes: Spot the Difference program. This program will provide a $400 rebate to any homeowner that completes a review of their home, receives an EnerGuide label for their home, and then posts the label to the Spot the Difference map. For more information on this program, simply head to the City of Edmonton’s EnerGuide site.

3D Energy is an EnerGuide Service Organization licensed by NRCan. To get started on receiving your EnerGuide label, contact us at energuide@3denergy.ca or at (587) 985-6675.



EnerGuide Rating for Homes

EnerGuide is an energy rating system developed by the Government of Canada with the goal of certifying the energy efficiency of all new and existing homes. The EnerGuide rating provides an easy way of comparing a home’s energy performance to other similar homes and indicates the current energy efficiency level of your home as well as a projected level it could reach with recommended upgrades. The rating, as well as the label and report that come with it, can help you to determine ways in which you can reduce your overall energy consumption to help save on your utility bills. Additionally, the rating can be used to determine which upgrades will have the greatest impact on your home’s efficiency, allowing you to get the maximum return on your investment.

The EnerGuide label will show the total number of gigajoules (GJ) per year that your home uses. The lower this number, the more efficient your home. The label will also show information about the evaluation, the calculation of the rating, and the breakdown of the energy use.

Rebates and Incentives

Once you know how your home performs you can improve it through the rebates provided by Efficiency Alberta. Efficiency Alberta can provide rebates of up to $6000 for upgrades such as insulation (rebates of up to $3500), windows (rebates of up to $1500), or tankless water heaters (rebates of up to $1000). Go to the Efficiency Alberta’s website for more information.

How Does 3D Energy Fit Into This?

As part of the Vital Group of Companies, 3D Energy has been providing energy-based engineering and guidance for the past 17 years, making us one of Western Canada’s top energy experts. We can easily assist you by performing an inspection of your home, then providing you with an EnerGuide rating, report, and label for your home. Once you have this information in hand, we can use our extensive knowledge of existing incentives and grants to find ways to implement the optimal energy saving upgrades to improve your rating, all while minimizing the impact on your wallet.


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